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Measuring the Economic and Financial Impacts of Environmental Hazards and Real Estate Development Projects

We Specialize in Comprehensively Estimating Costs, Benefits, Values and Impacts of Projects, Properties and Policies.

The Cost Benefit Group (CBG),  applies state-of-the-art economic and financial theory and models -- and troves of treasured data -- to assist clients in the following areas:

 Changes in real estate property values arising from toxic contamination or proximity to numerous sources of property value changes
 Cost-Benefit or Benefit/Cost Analysis of a wide variety of programs policies and projects, most notably those pertaining to the environment
 Quantifying the costs of sprawl and the benefits of “smart growth”
 Analysis of brownfield redevelopment options
 Evaluating the financial impact of waste reduction, recycling, removal and disposal options
 The costs and benefits of measures to prevent climate change or mitigate the impacts through resilience.

We are known for quantifying costs and benefits that others omit -- from the decline in real estate prices resulting from a toxic chemical leak, to the social costs arising from a body of water rendered unavailable for recreational use, to the benefits of breathing clean air. We can also determine the number of jobs gained or lost under a variety of scenarios. The Cost Benefit Group offers a unique combination of:

Simple -- but effective -- graphics presentations
 State-of-the-art computer models
 Databases of cost benefit and damage studies that facilitate quick turnaround at moderate costs
 Expertise in real estate, finance, economics, government, and environmental policy
 Thorough searches of economic literature and databases
 The creativity needed to measure all costs & benefits, even where effects appear to be impossible to quantify

The Cost Benefit Group has produced studies of 1,450 properties worth more than $3 billion dollars in 140 counties and 30 states. Our associates have also evaluated the economic and financial impacts of major power plant construction projects (worth more than $10 billion), utility rates, and environmental hazards upon employment, income, corporate balance sheets, real estate markets, municipalities and utilities. We have appraised vacant land; shopping centers; apartment complexes; office buildings; automobile dealerships; industrial buildings; nursing homes; a marina; and hotels.

These projects were commissioned by Citibank; Chase Manhattan Bank; U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; Chinese American Bank; Home the State of New York; several law firms throughout the country, and other institutions.


In all our projects The Cost Benefit Group attempts to optimize client-staff involvement. We prefer working closely with the client to plan the scope of work and set objectives, so that the work dovetails neatly into the client's overall strategy, and the client avoids false starts and misdirected resources.

Other types of solutions we can provide include the following:

 The total social costs of polluted waterways
 Determining whether new real estate development projects make sense economically from the private perspective of a developer and/or from a public perspective.
 Quantifying the benefits of green building features
 Estimating the value of any type of real property
 Measuring the Economic and Financial Impacts of Environmental Hazards 
 Cost-Benefit/Risk Benefit/Cost Effectiveness Analysis
 Determining the effects of environmental hazards or green features upon property values
 Litigation Support
 Real Estate Feasibility Analysis
 Appraisal of Property Values
 Valuations of life and health in personal injury and wrongful death cases

and many more topics/issues such as those listed below

For more than 25 years we have provided exceptional services to help clients achieve their goals.  We offer rigorous analyses of complex problems in order to optimize the use of limited resources, and to understand tradeoffs arising from the choice of alternative paths.  

We are known for estimating the economic and financial impacts of environmental hazards and real estate projects and provide numerous related services. 

We bring a wide range of state-of-the-art tools to bear upon the issues so that we can help you prioritize solutions and determine strategies that best suit your needs.  

We collaborate with clients, and other experts and stakeholders to move projects and policies forward.

We can quantify results from the perspective of an individual, a property owner, a business, a village, a city, a state, the nation and/or the world

Follow the links below for samples of previous assignments, resumes of key associates, our interdisciplinary team approach, and selected case studies.

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