The Cost-Benefit Group is known for quantifying the economic and financial impacts of environmental hazards and amenities, and the determinants of real estate values.

We Specialize in Comprehensively Estimating Costs, Benefits, Values and Impacts of Projects, Properties and Policies.

We translate environmental amenities and hazards into dollars and cents.

We apply the following analytical tools to Investment Decisions, Policies, Programs and/or Technologies.

Economic Financial Real Estate
Benefit Cost Analyses Discounted Cash Flow Models Real Estate Appraisals
Econometric Models Return on Investment Calculations Feasibility Studies
Hedonic Regression Models Other Financial Analyses Market Analyses
Input/Output Models Highest and Best Use Analyses
Other Impact Analyses Zoning Analyses
Contingent Valuation Models Real Estate Tax Analyses
Other Stated Preference Models
Models and Concepts from the Behavioral Economic Toolbox

and more to understand the economics, costs and benefits of:
Air Quality Variations/The Benefits of Clean Air and/or the Costs of Air Pollution
Brownfield Redevelopment Plans and Projects
Climate Change Impacts and Mitigation Measures
Contaminated Real Estate
Economic Development/Community Revitalization Projects
Ecosystem Services

Energy – Fossil, Renewable and Conservation
Green Buildings
Green Jobs
Green Roofs
Health, Life, Health Policies and Healthcare Real Estate

Historic Preseervation
Landscapes, Open Space, Parks and Trees
Real Estate
Affordable Housing, Apartments, Commercial Properties, Development Projects, Distressed Properties, Health Care Facilities, Industrial Buildings, Mixed-Use Projects, Nursing Homes, Office, Retail, Special Purpose Properties, Vacant Land,...
Smart Growth and Sprawl Policies
Toxic Chemicals
Vacant Land
Waste and Recycling  Issues
Water Infrastructures, Qualtiy and Resource Management for
Drinking, Fishing, Swimming and other forms of Recreation
Wetlands and Watersheds
If we cannot help you by providing optimal solutions the odds are that we know who can.

We can estimate

 Changes in real estate property values arising from toxic contamination or proximity to a wide variety of potential sources of property value changes
 Cost-Benefit or Benefit/Cost Analysis of a wide variety of programs policies and projects most notably those pertaining to the environment
 Quantifying the costs of sprawl and the benefits of “smart growth”
 Analysis of brownfield redevelopment options
 Evaluating the financial impact of waste reduction, recycling, removal and disposal options
 The costs and benefits of measures to prevent climate change or mitigate the impacts through resilience.
 The total social costs of polluted waterways
 Determining whether new real estate development projects make sense economically from the private perspective of a developer and/or from a public perspective.
 Quantifying the benefits of green building features
 Estimating the value of any type of real property
 Measuring the Economic and Financial Impacts of Environmental Hazards 
 Cost-Benefit/Risk Benefit/Cost Effectiveness Analysis
 Determining the effects of environmental hazards or green features upon property values
 Litigation Support
 Real Estate Feasibility Analysis
 Appraisal of Property Values
 Valuations of life and health in personal injury and wrongful death cases

Some of the other types of projects which we can help you with include the following:

Adaptive Reuse Analysis
Affordable Housing Strategy
Alternative Dispute  Resolution
Bankruptcy and Financial Distress Litigation
Commercial Litigation and Damages
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
Damage Assessment
Decision Support
Discounted Cash Flow Models
Distressed Real Estate Analysis
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Economics
Environmental Policy
Feasibility Analysis for New Developments/Redevelopment
Finance and Funding Analysis and Assistance
Financial Analysis
Fiscal Impact Analysis
Highest & Best Use Analyses
Impact Analysis
Information Management
Innovation/Technology Analysis
Litigation Support
Market Analysis
Market and Financial Feasibility Analysis
Modeling & Tools
Planning for Resilience and Sustainability
Public-Private Partnership (P3) Program Support
Real Estate Appraisal
Real Estate Development Advisory
Regulatory Economics
Real Estate Valuation
Regulatory & Policy Analysis
Renewable Energy Analysis
Return on Investment (ROI) Calculations
Revitalization Analyses
Risk & Uncertainty Advisory nnd Management Services
Statistical Analysis & Data Analytics
Strategic Planning
Survey Research, Design, and Analysis
Sustainability Valuation
Sustainable Return on Investment (SROI)
Traffic & Transportation EconomicsTransit-Oriented Development
Urban Solutions 

Econometric with R, TSP other packages
Contingent Valuation