Problems We Can Help You Solve

  1. You are a member of a local government deciding whether to permit a mixed use retail/office/apartment project which creates jobs, housing and shopping but increases congestion, blocks views, and strains local resources. Let us help you to tally the costs and benefits.
  2. An electrical power plant, prison, airport, or waste handling facility is about to become your next door neighbor. We can help you fight it by quantifying the costs and weighing them against potential benefits.
  3. If you are developing real estate with a project that has aroused community opposition, but can create jobs and provide services, we can show that the advantages may outweigh the disadvantages.
  4. If you are thinking of buying or selling currently or formerly contaminated property we can help you to estimate the discount, if any, from uncontaminated values which reflect increased risk.
  5. If you are involved in a lawsuit arising from contamination of a property we can estimate the damages, if any.
  6. A new transportation project featuring new roads, an expanded airport and light rail service will help people move around more freely, but will displace some from their homes, increase noise, and destroy farms. Is it worth pursuing?
  7. We can tally the costs and benefits of projects that remediate Brownfields, promote Smart Growth, and limit Sprawl. 
  8. You own 40 contaminated acres. How should you develop the land? We can fully analyze the financial implications of potential projects from assisted living facilities to hotels to office buildings.
  9. You are locked in a bitter dispute over a potential development. We can help you to resolve problems through fair compensation schemes based upon overall values and profits.
  10. The land, water, and air is being fouled by a vital industrial facility two miles from your home. Regulators are demanding a demonstration of damages before taking action. We can help.
  11. If you own a contaminated property, we can help you get a tax reduction.
  12. The air around your home is being fouled by a chemical plant.  Asthma and respiratory infection rates in the area are rising.  Work days are being lost and medical bills are rising.  We can tally and compare the costs and the benefits to determine whether the plant should be closed.
  13. Your electric power company has just been deregulated.  Demand for power is surging.  Prices are increasing and the utility has been forced to institute "brownouts".  An out-of-state company wants to build a power plant next to the local elementary school.  Is this a good idea or should the plant be shelved?
  14. You wish to finance the development of an office building, shopping center, assisted living facility, or hotel on a 10-acre parcel of vacant land.  We can appraise the value of these properties before and after construction.
  1. Rebellious Adolescents Who Refuse To Listen
  2. Rude, Inconsiderate Friends and Acquaintances
  3. Brittany Spears and the Boy Bands
  4. Too Much to Do and Too Little Time
  5. The Los Angeles Clippers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Chicago Cubs
  6. Potential Destruction of Earth by Asteroids