At present there are no full time positions available. We can offer two internships  -- a local internship and an unpaid virtual internship described below.

Job Title: Virtual Internship/Marketing/Writing Interns
Job Number: 0006


1. Write for acclaimed newsletter/newsfeed

2. Edit and summarize academic journal articles, legal decisions, government reports and news articles.
3. Conduct internet and/or library research on economics, finance, the environment and real estate 
4. Assist with marketing
5. Website Redesign/Development

Environmental Valuation & Cost Benefit News (www.envirovaluation.org) covers legal, academic, and regulatory developments pertaining to the valuation of environmental amenities and disamenities, such as clean air, trees, parks, congestion, and noise. We apprize the reader about ways in which costs and benefits are measured, and the results of empirical studies. We hope that this information will allow public and private organizations to comprehend the risks and benefits of various actions, help disputants to resolve conflicts equitably and efficiently, and improve the quality of public policies. We only discuss issues related to the empirical quantification of private and social costs and benefits and damages, and summarize information from daily newspapers, academic journals, legal publications, court decisions, professional newsletters commissioned studies, and on-line services.

Salary / Benefits: Currently unpaid
Location: Anywhere
Closing Date: none


Ken Acks
401 Park Avenue South; 10th Floor
New York, New York 10016

phone: (646) 705-0664

fax (virtual): (516) 941-0798

Job Title: Local Internship

Job Number: 0007


1. Website Redesign/Development
2. Internet and/or Library Research
3. Marketing (Internet, direct mail, writing and telephone)
4. Data collection/management
5. Business Plan Revision
6. Correspondence
7. PC Bookkeeping/Accounting
8. Assembling Newsletters
9. Exhibits for reports (Maps, pictures)
10. Assembling packages in response to requests
11. Real estate inspections (requires car)
12. Filing/Clerical Duties
13. Word processing


Any academic major welcome. We will train, but some experience is preferred. Ideal candidate will have own PC. Flexible hours. This is currently an unpaid internship, but there is strong potential for future paid employment. This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a firm with enormous growth potential and a great resume builder.

We believe that the internship represents an excellent opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a respected and growing publication with tremendous potential. Our readership includes many influential government policy makers, environmentalists, economists, and attorneys in nine countries. It can also prove to be a great learning experience for economists, environmentalists, writers, and internet marketers. The job is available on a limited part time basis and requires approximately 4 hours per week in our office at the address below with current pay at $9.25 per hour. Additional payments would be available on a commission basis, and additional paid employment isavailable through our clients. We hope to expand the pay and timesignificantly. If interested contact:

Ken Acks
401 Park Avenue South; 10th Floor
New York, New York 10016
phone: (646) 705-0664
fax (virtual): (516) 941-0798

Salary / Benefits: $9.25 per hour
Closing Date: none

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